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Öffentliche Betrugswarnung – Verbraucherwarnung!

Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)

Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm) - Warnung FCA UK - 2012-May-16

Financial Services Authority


We (the Financial Services Authority ­ FSA) have published this statement today in order to warn investors against dealing with unauthorised firms.

This statement is to advise members of the public that an organisation identifying itself to UK individuals as:

Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (Clone of FSA EEA authorised firm)

The unauthorised firm is using the legitimate German address of
the FSA EEA authorised firm.
Unauthorised firm Tel: 0049 6922227903
Additional addresses found on the unauthorised firm's website:
Geneva Switzerland
Avenue LouisCasai 18

Russia ­ Moscow:
. 6/1 . 1, . 15

Sweden ­ Stockholm:
Mäster Samuelsgatan 60
111 21 Stockholm

France ­ Paris:
54/56 Avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Spain ­ Madrid:
Calle Velázquez, 46
28001 Madrid

Holland ­ Amsterdam:
Orlyplein 85
1043 DS Amsterdam

Portugal ­ Lisbon:
Centro Empresarial Torres de
Rua Tomas da Fonseca,
Torre G1600209
Lisbon, Portugal

Contact details for UK only Tel:
0207 0001 992
Fax: 0207 0001 993

is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) to carry on a regulated activity in the UK. Regulated activities include, amongst other things, advising on investments and dealing and arranging deals in investments ('investments' include stocks and shares). We believe that the organisation may be targeting UK customers.

The following FSA EEA authorised firm has no association whatsoever with the organisation discussed above identifying itself as Alpha Connect Capital GmbH:

· Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (FSA EEA authorisation: 515158)
Schafergasse 12, 61267, NeuAnspach

What does this mean for you?
If you are an investor, you should be aware that the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme are not available if you deal with an unauthorised company or individual.
How can you check whether a firm is authorised?
To find out whether a company or individual is authorised, go to the FSA Register Check Service at

Date: 09/05/2012

Note: For an uptodate list of unauthorised firms issued, please visit:
For further information on unauthorised firms targeting UK investors see the press release issued on 17 April 2012 at:
For more details about the tactics that are commonly adopted by unauthorised firms tareting UK investors see the "Stay Safe from Scams" page available at:
The Shares Investments Scam leaflet is available at: