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Apex Limited (Apexcoins)

Apex Limited (Apexcoins) - Waarschuwing FSC Mauritius - 2018-Jul-27

Public Notice


It has come to the attention of the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the "FSC
Mauritius ") that an entity in the name of Apexcoins is soliciting people in Mauritius on social
media to invest in crypto currency markets and is offering a high return of 8.25% per week
( ).

As per its website (, Apexcoins is a subsidiary of Apex Limited which
is registered in the UK bearing number 03039224. Headquarter of the Company is at 33,
Fleming Way, Wickersley, Rotherham, S66 2HB.

The FSC Mauritius hereby informs the public that Apexcoins and Apex Limited are not and
have not at any time been licensed by the FSC Mauritius.

The FSC Mauritius therefore urges the public to exercise caution in respect of Apexcoins.
How to protect yourself?

Be very careful when you come across investment opportunities that:

 offer unrealistically high returns;
 promise guaranteed returns;
 are risk free (guaranteed no risks); and
 pressure you to buy right now.

Consider getting independent professional advice before making any investment decision.
Financial Services Commission, Mauritius

27 July 2018