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Anthony Tim

Anthony Tim - Waarschuwing IFSC Belize - 2019-Aug-08



Anthony Tim

The International Financial Services Commission of Belize ("IFSC") issues warnings about
dealing with named persons, whether these are individuals or companies, to alert the public and
the financial services sector that, where such persons offer international financial services as
defined in the Schedule of the International Financial Services Commission Act, Chapter 272 of
the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011 ( the "IFSC Act"), from the address listed below, they
may be operating in breach of the IFSC Act and/or other laws of Belize.

The individual listed below is not licensed under the IFSC Act to provide, carry on, transact,
or hold himself out as providing, carrying on, or transacting any of the international financial
services as set out in the Schedule of the IFSC Act in or from within Belize. Members of the
public who transact business with these individuals and/or entities, do so at their own risk.

Name of Individual/Entity
Anthony Tim

1535 Rosewood Lane,
New York, NY 10040

Other Information
Entity is using a fraudulent Licence
No: IFSC/77/179/BCA/88

The promoters and/or owners of Anthony Tim are therefore directed to cease and desist from
engaging in the said unlicensed activities, which constitute an offence under the Laws of Belize.
The public is invited to contact the International Financial Services Commission with any
other available information.

International Financial Services Commission of Belize

8th August 2019