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American Premier Escrow LLC (American Escrow)

American Premier Escrow LLC (American Escrow) - Waarschuwing USA CA DBO - 2016-May-17

"American Premier Escrow LLC" purporting to be DBO Licensee American Premier Escrow Inc. (05/17/2016)

The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) has been notified that a company using the names "American Premier Escrow LLC" or "American Escrow," and the website, is claiming to be licensed by DBO, and is using the address of DBO licensee "American Premier Escrow Inc."

"American Premier Escrow Inc." and affiliated company "Unisource Escrow Inc." both hold active Escrow Licenses with DBO, both use website and both list an address at 2530 Red Hill Ave. #110, Santa Ana, California.

The fraudulent company "American Premier Escrow LLC" is NOT licensed by DBO to conduct escrow activity. The fraudulent company also appears to be using the name "American Escrow," the website, the licensee’s Santa Ana address and a Michigan phone number. The fraudulent company also appears to be offering employment services. Beware.

To check whether an escrow company or other financial service provider is licensed, or to file a complaint, consumers should go to the DBO website at, or call 1-866-275-2677.