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Alma Investment LLC

Alma Investment LLC - Waarschuwing DFSA Dubai - 2012-Apr-29

29 April 2012 - DFSA Issues Alert Regarding Alma Investment LLC

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) issues the following alert about a scam facilitated by a firm called Alma Investment LLC (Alma Investment) through the website, and a person using the name, Hamzi Al Khaima, who claims to be a Director of Alma Investment.

Alma Investments contacts companies and other consumers offering access to loan funds of up to USD 5million at an interest rate of 4%. Any company or consumer who makes enquiries as to the loan is then advised to procure a bond from United Arab Emirates Insurance and pay underwriting fees in the amount of USD 56,000.

The scam falsely informs companies and consumers that Alma Investment is a registered company in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), and has offices located at Floor 12, East Wing, The Gate, DIFC. An example of a brochure that has been circulated by Alma Investment containing references to the DIFC can be viewed here.

Alma Investments also sends a false confirmation letter bearing the DIFC letterhead. The letter claims to represent His Excellency Abdullah Mohammed Saleh, the Governor of the DIFC, and falsely states that the Alma Investment Group is a registered and licensed investment group in the United Arab Emirates. Example of the false letter can be viewed here.

Alma Investment does not have offices located at Floor 12, East Wing, The Gate, and is neither registered nor authorised by the DFSA or the DIFC.

The scam referred to above is linked to organised fraud and the DFSA strongly advises that you do not respond to such invitations.

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of any DIFC or DFSA correspondence or documents, you should direct your concerns to the DIFC on Tel: +971 4 362 2222 and to the DFSA via the DFSA Complaints function on or via telephone on +971 4 362 1576.