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Alliance Partnership (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)

Alliance Partnership (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm) - Waarschuwing FCA UK - 2013-Aug-27

Alliance Partnership (cloned firm)
Published: 27/08/2013 Last Modified : 28/08/2013
We believe fraudsters are using the details of an authorised firm to try to convince people that they are genuine. See how to protect yourself from scammers of this ‘cloned firm’.

We have received reports that fraudsters are using the name or other details of a genuine firm, or the ‘firm reference number’ (FRN) we give to authorised firms, to try to scam people in the UK.

This is what we call a 'cloned firm', and fraudsters are using this tactic to make their claims seem genuine or to suggest they work for an authorised firm.
Cloned firm

The details that scammers are using or giving out to people include:
Alliance Partnership (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)

Address: 30 Artillery Lane, Tower Hamlets, London E1 7LS
Tel: 02070 605 751
Fax: 02070 605 710
Genuine firm

This genuine firm has no association whatsoever with the ‘cloned firm’. It is authorised to offer, promote or sell financial services or products in the UK:
The Alliance Partnership s.r.o.

Address: Mojmírova 1710/15,Nusle, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
FCA Firm Registration Number: 491653
FCA Status: EEA Passport into UK for Insurance Mediation or Reinsurance Mediation activities
Home State Regulator: Czech National Bank, Company Identification Number 26780267