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Alicia Walter (Crypvests Global Investments)

Alicia Walter (Crypvests Global Investments) - Waarschuwing FSC Mauritius - 2020-Aug-07


It has come to the attention of the Financial Services Commission, (the "FSC ") that a certain
ALICIA WALTER is falsely claiming to have been granted a power of attorney in CRYPVESTS
GLOBAL INVESTMENTS and, also claiming to hold an Investment Dealer (Discount Broker) Licence
purportedly issued by the FSC on 3 May 2014. The fraudulent licence can be accessed here.

The FSC hereby informs the public that ALICIA WALTER and CRYPVESTS GLOBAL INVESTMENTS
and/or any other individuals or representatives or promoter groups operating under these names
are not and have not at any point in time, been licensed and regulated by the FSC.

The FSC therefore urges the public to exercise caution in relation to their dealings with ALICIA
WALTER and CRYPVESTS GLOBAL INVESTMENTS and to be vigilant when being solicited to
participate in any offers made and/or such schemes.

The public is invited to consult the Register of Licensees available on its website for
persons/entities which are duly licensed/authorised/registered by the FSC under the relevant
Acts through the link, register-of-licensees
and/or to contact the FSC.

About the FSC

The FSC is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global

The vision of the Commission is to be an internationally recognised Financial Supervisor
committed to the sustained development of Mauritius as a sound and competitive Financial
Services Centre.

In carrying out its mission, the FSC aims to promote the development, fairness, efficiency and
transparency of financial institutions and capital markets in Mauritius; suppress crime and
malpractices so as to provide protection to members of the public investing in non-banking
financial products; and ensure the soundness and stability of the financial system in Mauritius.

07 August 2020

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