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AF Technologies Ltd (MRTMarkets)

AF Technologies Ltd (MRTMarkets) - Waarschuwing Consob Italy - 2017-Apr-24

Coinspace Ltd - AF Technologies Ltd - KHO Tech Ltd

The National Commission for Companies and the Stock exchange, pursuant to Article 101, Par. 4, Part c) of the Consolidated Law on Finance, has approved the prohibition of advertising via the website in relation to the public offer for ‘cryptocurrency extraction packages’ promoted by Coinspace Ltd (Resolution no. 19968 of 20 April 2017).

The offer had already been the subject of a precautionary 90-day suspension with Resolution no. 19866 of 1 February this year.

* * *

The National Commission for Companies and the Stock exchange also reports that the companies AF Technologies Ltd and KHO Tech Ltd are not authorised to perform investment activities services in Italy, by any means and, therefore, including via the website

(in "Consob Informa" no. 15/2017 - 24 April 2017)

Data: 24/04/2017