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Adlisberg Financial Inc.

Adlisberg Financial Inc. - Waarschuwing finma Switzerland - 2014-Feb-20

Adlisberg Financial Inc.
1. Name: Adlisberg Financial Inc.
2. Domicile: -
3. Address: Langstrasse 62 B, 8004 Zürich
4. Internet:

WName: Adlisberg Financial Inc – Adlisberg Retail Client Division
Type: Unlicensed entities
Address(es): Nil
Remarks: The company is apparently associated with Allied Transfer Inc, another entity on the SFC’s Alert List. It also uses bank accounts in Hong Kong in the name of Kin Yip Co and Kong Sun Trading Co for settlement.
Add date: 30 Mar 2015
Note: Unlicensed entities often use names similar to legitimate companies to confuse investors.arning SFC Hon Kong: