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Öffentliche Betrugswarnung – Verbraucherwarnung!

Abundant Life Style Indonesia

Abundant Life Style Indonesia - Warnung OJK Indonesia - 2016-Dec-27

The Indonesia Financial Services Authority ("OJK") would like to alert all recipients that:

PT Alsi Investindo Utama

Address: Jl. W.R. Supratman No. 9 Denpasar, Bali
Website: alsi-goo.blogspot.co.id

is NOT licensed and NOT supervised by OJK to carry on any investment activities in
Indonesia. Regulation about all offering activities by this entity, include neither investment
funding nor interest sharing, are out of OJK’s responsibility.

Therefore, we have added this entity to our Investor Alert Portal. Other entities in this list can
be found at:


If you have any further questions on this matter please email konsumen@ojk.go.id or phone 1500-655.